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Our mission is to provide individuals with life threatening diseases who are facing financial hardship, the funds necessary to allow them true “Freedom in Health Care” by exploring other options. The funds will provide the individuals with the freedom to investigate options offered through integrative medicine, while giving them the ability to make decisions based on a personalized treatment.
This would allow the patient to go above and beyond the “Standard of Care” and give them the opportunity to choose their own health path.
Options For Life Foundation does not have any paid employees. It is operated by a volunteer board of directors with 100% of all proceeds being utilized to helping patients.

Effective approaches to healing that we promote and support include:
• Clinical Nutrition
• Botanical Medicine
• Acupuncture
• Exercise
• Mind-Body Therapies

Active Principles of The Options For Life Foundation:
OFLF believes that natural interventions that are safe and effective should be the first option when curing disease. Our role is to provide the individual with the financial ability, or “option” toward the best and safest choice of healing.
At The Options for Life Foundation, part of our mission is to educate and encourage the individual to take responsibility of their health. We focus on empowering, educating, and promoting the individual to be an active participant in their recovery. Every patient should be treated as a unique individual, beyond the confines of any disease.
Whether alternative or a combination of therapies are chosen, to The Options For Life Foundation, alternative does not imply the dismissal or rejection of the value of conventional medicine.

We are proud to announce The Seventh Annual Options For Life Foundation Golf Classic, held on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at Moorpark Country Club – Save The Date!